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Request your doctor to send an e-prescription or fax the prescription to us at StripRX.

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Receive Your Strip Pack

You will conveniently get your one-month supply of medicines from us, pre-packed in smart packets.

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Take Pills Strip Pack

Take your pills as instructed by your physician.

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Reorder From Strip Pack

When it is time to refill your pack, give us a call, to process your next Refill or We can put you on a Auto-Refill Process and Mail you Refill directly to your home.

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Pre-sorted Pills

You will never take the wrong medicines again as we pre-sort and pack them smartly for ease and convenience.

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As-needed Meds

You will never run-out or pick up the wrong medication since with our special packaging and refill system.

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Medications of All Types

We have access to a wide variety of medicine products and brands to make sure that you will always have what-ever you need.

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Discreet Packaging

Modern technology enables us to put all your needed pills in convenient and discreet packaging that you can simply insert anywhere you go.

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